Why Learn to drive in Automatic Cars?

Why Automatic Lessons?

Why would you learn to drive in an automatic over a manual? A lot of people ask this question, and it’s not uncommon to hear manual drivers say that learning to drive a manual is
the best choice for learners. This is true for some people but not for everyone, and this kind of view ignores both the differences between individual learners and the very real advantages to
driving an automatic.


A manual car has a clutch pedal (which will make you stall if used incorrectly), and requires
you to shift through gears as you drive. With an automatic there is no clutch pedal, no stalling,
and gear changes are handled automatically by the car. This means there are fewer things to
learn and less multitasking to get the hang of. For most learners, this means they will get to
test standard faster and be fully on the road more quickly. This makes an automatic driving
license ideal for people who would benefit from being able to drive independently as soon as
possible, or those who simply don’t want to wait around for too long before qualifying as a


For the same reasons as learning to drive in an automatic is faster than in a manual car, it is
almost always cheaper to learn in an automatic as well. With no gear shifts, clutch control, hill
starts, or even smooth move-offs, there are fewer topics to cover and so fewer lessons are
needed in order to go through the necessary skills. At the same time, the fact that there is no
need to balance steering and paying attention to the road ahead with gear changes and smooth
clutch usage means that most learners get the hang of driving more quickly, also reducing the
number of hours of tuition needed. The result of this is that learners need to pay for fewer
lessons, and can be on the road more cheaply than if they had learned in a manual.

Better for Nervous Drivers

If you are nervous about being on the road, or if you have already started learning to drive in
a manual but have had problems with your nerves, then you may well find that learning in an
automatic suits you much better. Again, this is down to the lack of gear changes and clutch
pedals – naturally, as these are the very things that separate an automatic from a manual.
Without the distraction of changing gear, choosing the most appropriate gear, and
occasionally finding yourself in the wrong gear, you will be free to give your full attention to
what is happening on the road. This helps nervous drivers to feel (and be) safer, more aware, and
more in control. The lack of manual clutch control also eliminates things like stalling and rolling
back on hills; things which really don’t help nervous drivers to get into their comfort zone.
If you think you would enjoy the benefits of learning in an automatic, or even if you would just
like to give it a try for a couple of lessons and see how you get on, Wakefield Automatic Driving
School would love to hear from you. We have years of experience in helping learners to reap the
benefits of automatic driving and become qualified and competent drivers. For more information
or to make a booking, please contact us.