Huddersfield Automatic Driving Lessons

The Ace Automatic Driving School Huddersfield team are talented specialists for automatic driving lessons in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. We also cover the surrounding areas too.

Our team is made up of very experienced male and female instructors. Lessons are designed to be fun, safe and educational. Here, you’ll learn the key elements of driving an automatic car, road procedures and testing standards.

Why choose automatic driving in Huddersfield?

Are you finding driving a manual car with gears difficult? Or, are you looking to pass faster in an automatic car?

Taking driving lessons in Huddersfield in an automatic car is an easier way to learn. Our effective and fun style of instruction help people to drive better on the roads with confidence.

Benefits of learner lessons with an automatic car

In an automatic, drivers can focus on the more important aspects of driving. You’ll have no gears or clutch issues to worry about, just a stress free enjoyable tuition experience.

With these cars the automatic transmission carries out the important task of changing the gears for you. As well as this, they don’t stall and it’s easier to move away up a hill.

Automatic cars have no clutch. So, you will only have an accelerator and footbrake to deal with usually only using your right foot only.


With your automatic driving instructor you will receive comprehensively delivered one-to-one driving lessons. Our up-to-date programme of training is designed to develop safe, well prepared and confident drivers with a positive attitude. Pass the correct way the a dedicated team.

Offering a flexible service 7 days a week, you can start your tuition from your home, place of work, college or anywhere which is suitable around the areas of Huddersfield.

Standard lessons are either 1 hour, or 2 hours long. You’ll have to option to learn with a male of female instructor of your choice depending on availability. Free theory test help is include for learners. Our tuition prices are very competitive and you can make additional savings by block booking.

Start the fun educational learning experience by calling the Huddersfield Ace Automatic team on 0800 7363 883. Emails are also welcome, simply go to our contact page. We are always happy to help and answer any questions which you may have.