Ace Automatic Driving School has been teaching the people of to drive for well over a decade now. We are committed to making sure our learners not only get through the driving test, but become confident, skilled, safe users of the road.

Founded by experienced instructor, we quickly went on to build a strong reputation for quality one to one automatic car lessons. We are known for our friendly approach and excellent pass rates, provided by supportive and knowledgeable instructors

Using up-to-date teaching methods, lots of happy learners have passed with us. Some of them have been kind enough to give us glowing recommendations for our testimonial page.

Our team is comprised of both male and female instructors, all equally committed to helping new drivers to reach test standard at the pace that best suits their individual needs. Our instructors are fully-qualified and kept up-to-date on the latest driving laws, test requirements, and teaching practices to ensure you get only the best quality tuition. They are also familiar with the local test routes, so they can help you prepare for the day of your test and know exactly what challenges you might face on the big day.

At the same time, we are committed to not just helping learners get through the driving test.
Our instructors are dedicated to helping their pupils not just develop the minimum level of
skill needed to get hold of their automatic license, but to become safe, capable drivers for life.

We serve learners not just in Wakefield but in many of the surrounding areas of West
Yorkshire as well. To find out whether we can help you learn to drive an automatic car, for
more information about our driving tuition, or to book your first lesson, give us a call today.